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11am -11pm  on Fri/Sat; 11 am -9 pm Sun-Thurs  •  (815) 434-4406 

About Us

Bluegill Boathouse & Marina Bar, the newest concept from Illinois Crafted Hospitality, was created out of a love for on-the-water experiences and our home State of Illinois. The Bluegill, the state fish of Illinois was the inspiration for our name.


With ownership roots in Starved Rock Country, the opportunity to provide a dining & drinking experience on the waterfront is a dream come true. Whenever and wherever possible, we strive to use Illinois based products, contractors and crafts, creating a truly Illinois-centric hospitality portfolio. When you spend with Illinois Crafted brands, your money stays in the Illinois eco-system and the local communities we call home.


With nostalgic and midwestern influences we hope you join us to kick back and relax on the water, no matter where you come from! 

Swim in, drive over or dock up and as always .Cheers!

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